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All of the articles here on the Classical Music Site are organized into categories. Browse through these categories to find the content you're looking for.

Articles and links pertaining to the ballet performances and dancers.

CD and DVD Reviews
Articles that review CDs and DVDs of all types of Western classical music.

Choral Music
Articles and links to Choral music.

Here are articles about composers of Western Classical music, from medaeival times to the present day.

Films with Classical Music
Some films use classical music, either as a backdrop to the story or as a major theme throughout the theme.

Fun & Games
Articles and links to play online games and quizzes about Classical Music.

Instrumental Music
Learn more about the wide range of instruments used to play Classical music.

Music Festivals
There are many music festivals across the world which often take place every year. Some specialise in a single composerĀ“s works whilst others cover a wide range of Classical music.

Music for Children
Articles and links to Classical Music performed by youngsters!

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Articles and links about all things Opera: the shows, the singers, and the music.

Seasonal Music
There are quite a few Classical music works which celebrate events through the year.


Theory and Education
Articles to help learn more about the art and function of Western classical music.

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