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Thank you for stopping by to learn more about the BellaOnline Classical Music newsletter. It is sent out on a weekly basis and will provide links to more information about the great composers, musical instruments, music theory, reviews of live performances, CDs and DVDs and much more.

The internet has evolved a great deal and sites such as Youtube and the Web Archive provide wonderful resources which I look forward to plundering and reviewing.

I am so looking forward to sharing this exciting information with you!

Some examples of recent articles include:-

J S Bach's Brandenburg Concertos

Learn about the history, music and performances of J S Bach's six Brandenburg Concertos

Music for Small Children.

It can be difficult to know where to start when choosing musical items for small children. Here are some ideas.

We will study the works of a different Classical music composer each month to help readers to gain a wide knowledge of the greatest works by different musicians. There is also an active Classical Music web forum and the Newsletter will contain information about the latest postings there.

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Once again many thanks for taking the trouble to read this article and sign up for the BellaOnline Classical Music newsletter. If you do decide to sign up for the newsletter I am sure you will find the information in it valuable and hope that you enjoy receiving it and learning more about the wonderful world of classical music, its composers, musicians and the music they write and perform. I look forward to sharing this information with you!

Gillian Buchanan
Classical Music Editor at BellaOnline

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