Gentle Exercises for Happy Feet

Gentle Exercises for Happy Feet
Your feet are probably not the first thing that comes to your head when you are working out, that is unless they hurt. Feet need exercise no matter what your age, but as you grow older it is time to be more diligent about remembering your extremities. Exercising feet is easy and feels great!

Feet Facts:

•A quarter of the body’s bones are in the feet, a total of 52 bones in all. When these bones are out of alignment, the total body is out of alignment.
•Between your foot and ankle there are 33 joints, and over hundreds of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
•In an average day of walking, the total load on your feet can equal over hundreds of tons.
•Your feet tell you a lot about your health in general. Often disease such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorder become evident in feet first. These disorders are very common in the elderly. They can be the source of great pain and cause disability which leads to loss of mobility and independent living.
•During your lifetime it is typical to walk over 115,000 miles, which is equal to perimeter of the earth four times.
•Your two feet are probably different sizes. You should buy shoes to fit the largest foot.
•The world record for the largest feet goes to Matthew McGrory, who wears US size 28.5 shoes. An average size for a man is 10.5.
•Wash your feet when you get home from the gym. Locker rooms and showers are abundant with disease such as Plantar Wart, Athletes foot, and Ring Worm.

Here are some gentle and enjoyable exercises for your feet:

You can do most of these exercises either sitting or lying down. If you are sitting you will need to lift and extend your leg. If you’re lying down you will need to lift your leg up, however you can bend it if need be. Wear your socks to keep your feet warm and to absorb sweat.

•From your sitting or lying down position point and flex your feet 5 times.
•Now circle your ankles each 5 times.
•Use your hand and bend your toes backwards and forwards.
•Take your hand, spread your fingers, and place them between each of the toes. Hold them there for 5 breaths.
•Point the toes of each foot towards the other.
•Bring the heels of each foot together.
•If possible, place the soles of your feet together. This will be easier with your feet on the floor; either sitting or lying down.

You will need some hand lotion for this next part as we give our feet a gentle massage.

•Take your socks off.
•Put some of the lotion in your hand and begin by rubbing the entire foot with the lotion.
•Rub your arch and the top of your feet.
•Take each toe and rub it while gently moving it around. Give each toe a little tug as you rub it.
•Rub your heels, your Achilles tendon, and your ankles.
•Wipe off any excess lotion or oil. This is a good time to soak your feet in a warm bath.
•It’s also a good time to put your socks back on. Then rub the palms of your hands together until you feel the heat. Place your hands on your feet and pat them gently all around.

Be good to your feet, exercise them, treat yourself to a pedicure (keeping the nails healthy is important too), or a professional foot massage. Always buy comfortable shoes and don’t force yourself to wear them if they are not.

Be healthy, and have happy feet!

Reference: professional foot health network

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