Spend Less by Exercising at Home

Spend Less by Exercising at Home
Spend less by exercising at home and have a great workout. Here are some tips on what inexpensive and popular exercise equipment you will want for your home fitness routines. Using this equipment regularly will provide great quality workouts.

One of the easiest and favorite ways of working out at home is by using exercise DVD’s.
DVD’s can provide you with many types of workouts. Here is what to look for when purchasing exercise DVD’s:

•Consider what types of exercise you are interested in. Look for those that are within your range of ability. This could be something you already do or something new you have wanted to try. It’s all right to push yourself, or try something new, but be honest and don’t buy something that is totally out of your league. Having several different types of videos will help you beat boredom and keep motivated.
•Look for reliable production companies and experienced Exercise Professionals. Those you have heard of or are recommended to you. Maybe you have seen them on TV or in Fitness magazines. Magazines are a good source of introduction to fitness personalities and they will have reviews on exercise DVD’s.
•Read the packaging. The back of the DVD should give you a full description of what to expect from the video as well as the length of time and the intensity level.
•Consider any difficulties. Do you have enough room to do this exercise? Do you live in an apartment where noise may be a factor?
•Does the DVD require you to purchase extra equipment?
•Don’t fall for gimmicks. If a DVD advertises you’ll lose 10 lbs. in one week, or you’ll lose up to two dress sizes in two weeks it is probably too good to be true.

Another recommendation for exercising at home is books. There are books on every type of exercise you can imagine. Here are some tips on purchasing enjoyable exercise books:

•Look for a book that is easy to read and instructions are easy to follow. Pictures are nice. Pace yourself and read the instructions carefully so you will get the maximum benefits and avoid injury.
•A good source for books is your local library. Borrowing a book from the library will give you a chance to see if you enjoy the particular exercise. The library is also a good source for trying out DVD’s. Read the magazines and newspapers for book reviews.
•While the library is a good source don’t miss out on the fun of browsing the bookstores.

You may want to purchase a mat to use for yoga and Pilates. Both are great exercises to practice at home and very little equipment is needed. Here are my tips on what you might want:

•If you are not familiar with yoga or Pilates then you should start out with beginner’s videos.
•Purchase a basic mat. You don’t need anything fancy. A mat makes lying on the floor more comfortable and it provides safety in the standing poses. Yoga mats are sometimes called “sticky mats” because of the non-slip material on one side of the mat. Almost all Pilates exercises are done on the floor and you will find that some Pilate’s mats are thicker than yoga mats providing slightly more cushioning. You don’t need separate mats. The thicker Pilate’s mat can also be used in your yoga practice.
•You may be interested in purchasing some yoga props. Common yoga props are blankets, bolsters, pillows, blocks, and straps.
•A nice luxury for a good price is an eye pillow to use during relaxation.
•You do not need extra equipment for practicing Pilates however you can use bands, fitness balls, and Pilate’s magic rings.

The Fitness Ball can be challenging and a great deal of fun. The challenging part is learning to stay on the ball. In order to maintain your balance on a fitness ball the core muscles must be engaged. So just sitting on the ball is exercise.
•Most Fitness Balls, also known as stability balls, come with a DVD but if yours doesn’t you should probably add a “Using the Fitness Ball” DVD to your collection.

•Purchase the best ball you can afford.
•Most fitness balls come with a pump. Check to see if the one you are purchasing has one. If not then read the packaging to see what type of pump you need to have.
•Fitness balls come in different sizes. The size is based on your height. This is because when you sit on the ball your bent knees should be directly over your feet. The packaging should tell you the sizing of the ball.
•Be sure to keep it pumped full of air. It will make the ball safer to use and last longer.

Exercise bands and dumbbells are used for strengthening muscles. You can switch bands and dumbbells out with each giving you more exercise choices. Here are some tips on purchasing exercise bands and dumbbells:

•Bands are inexpensive, easy to use, and great for travel.
•Bands come in different shapes and sizes. There are simple straps, bands with handles, and some are tubing. Most come with a DVD showing how to use them. If not then you will want to by a DVD for learning to use exercise bands.
•When purchasing dumbbells or free weights try the different style of handles and the different types of material so you get the most satisfying grip.
•You can often buy dumbbells in sets starting with 1 pound and increasing in increments up to 12 – 15 pounds.
•If you are purchasing individual hand held weights I would recommend starting with 1, 2, 3, and 5 pounds.

Mixing and matching is always a good way to keep you interested and motivated.

These ideas for exercising at home are inexpensive and you can have fun getting an effective workout.Be healthy, Be happy!

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