Exercises to Relieve Neck Pain

Exercises to Relieve Neck Pain
Over 70% of Americans suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives and it is most common in those older than 50. Fortunately you can exercise to relieve neck pain or stop it before it starts.

Neck pain can be caused by numerous things. Some examples are:
•Poor posture
•Repetitive motion involving neck , shoulder, and upper back
•Tension from being in the same position for too long

Sometimes neck pain is felt along with headaches, upper back pain, and shoulder pain. A proper treatment plan should begin with stretching exercises for the neck and upper back.

The following exercises can be done daily and if possible a couple of times a day. Always be cautious when exercising the neck, don’t make fast or sudden movements. Use your breath to move rhythmically in and out of the positions.

These exercise are not meant to replace medical care. Do not continue any of the exercises if you experience pain especially if the pain is intense. Only your doctor can determine the cause and seriousness of your pain. Check with your doctor before attempting these or any exercises.

The Corner Stretch
•Begin this exercise standing two feet back from a corner.
•You should be facing the corner with your feet together.
•Place your forearms on each wall, with your elbows a little below shoulder height.
•Lean towards the wall as far as possible feeling a stretch but no pain.
•Hold for 30-60 seconds. Do this exercise 3-5 times per day.

Scapula Stretch
•Stretch your arm by raising the elbow above the shoulder and rest your elbow against a door jamb.
•Turn your head away from the side you are stretching and drop the chin towards the chest; you should feel this in the back of the neck and the shoulder blade.
•Using your fingers gently pull your head forward and increase the stretch lightly.
•Hold for 30-60 seconds. Do this exercise 3-5 times per day.

Neck Release Series
Start each exercise in the Neck Release Series in this same position: Sit straight and lengthen your neck by lifting the crown of your head toward the ceiling.

Release 1:
•Slowly drop your chin to your chest, pause then take your head back to center.
•Engage the neck muscles and let your head drop back slightly until you feel the stretch in the front of the throat.
•Pause and return to center.
•Slowly repeat this exercise 5 times.

Release 2:
•Put your right hand on the top of your head.
•Gently guide your right ear toward your right shoulder until you feel a comfortable stretch.
•Pause and return to start.
•Slowly repeat this exercise 5 times to each side.

Release 3:
•Turn your head gently to the right and drop your chin towards your right shoulder. You should feel this stretch down the left side of your neck and into the shoulder blade.
•Pause and return to start.
•Slowly repeat this exercise 5 times to each side.

Release 4:
•Gently turn your head to the right bringing your nose over your shoulder.
•Pause and return to start.
•Slowly repeat this exercise 5 times to each side.

Shoulder Circles
•Raise your shoulders up towards your ears, then move them in a circle around, down and back up again.
•Circle 5 times in each directions.

Shoulder Blade Pull
•Raise and bend your arms at a 90 degree angle. Relax your shoulders and neck.
•Draw your elbows back and squeeze the muscles between the shoulder blades close together.
•Return to neutral and repeat 5 times.

By now your neck and connecting tissues should be feeling lose and relaxed. Use these exercises not only as treatment for a sore neck but as a preventive measure also. Be healthy, be happy!

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