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These are articles about famous artists and their art, not necessarily controversial.

All About Hair in Art star
Men and women with (or without) hair have been celebrated for their tresses in art history, revealing insight into their identity. I will share our society's fascination with hair.

Attire in Portraiture star
From self portraits to elaborately staged photo sessions, artists have used clothing and accessories as props, symbolism, and for religious reasons (from head to toe). I will discuss this fascinating subject.

Clouds in Art star
Gazing up at the sky and clouds is a relaxing pastime. You may not know artists throughout history have expressed their unique interpretations of these universal objects.

Famous Art : Sketches - Studies - Finished (maybe) star
Are you creative? Then you can relate to the arduous task (and exhilaration) of preparing and executing a book manuscript or an art sketch – and taking it to completion. I’ll discuss those by famous artists.

George Washington – His Life Through Art star
To those who ask, 'Do We Need Art?' my answer is yes. One reason is before the age of cameras we have only the written word and artistic renderings of people/historical events that came before us. I'll discuss significant paintings of our first president, George Washington.

Hans Holbein – Court Painter & Costume Designer star
Hans Holbein the Younger is best known as court painter to King Henry VIII. His costume design can be seen in an opera of today.

Look Up - Ceiling Paintings in Art star
It is probably human nature to look forward, not up. Pity. Illusionistic fresco paintings are a wonder to behold. From ancient rock art, to churches, public buildings, and private residences, I will discuss why.

Mother and Child Theme in Art star
'Mother and Child' theme in art began with stories based on the Old Testament and has been interpreted by modern artists as well.

National Gallery of Art Washington Blooms With Art star
April is cherry blossom time in Washington, DC and the National Gallery of Art blooms with its own special art. References made to masterpieces by Vermeer and Leonardo da Vinci, just to name a few.

Numbers + Magic in Art star
Numerology is associated with the mystical and divine. Some artists admit to being guided by outside forces. What's in a number? Is it random or a conscious decision? I will explain.

Red and Shade Variations in Art star
Immediate thoughts of red may evoke love and passion, but historically it represented quite different reactions. I'll discuss variations of red and artists who purposefully used this color.

Renoir Paints Dancing Couples - Not All Smiling star
Renoir is best known as a French Impressionist artist who painted couples dancing and enjoying themselves. However, one model is portrayed as not fully smiling. The mystery behind the woman and her smile is revealed.

Rodin ‘Eternal Spring’ & ‘Gates of Hell’ star
The name Auguste Rodin is synonymous with sculpture. His works in bronze and marble transcend times and cultures. I will discuss some of his most famous works and their ever changing titles.

Statue of Liberty Monument – Symbol of Freedom star
Since 1886, immigrants from abroad have seen the iconic Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor as their first sign of freedom. Let’s not forget the principles that have made the US a free society.

The 'Ideal' in Art star
Humans have sculpted the 'ideal' figure since ancient Greece. I will discuss those artists who continued in the same vein and how its universal theme continues even in modern times.

The Act of Bathing Portrayed in Art star
What has become a daily routine for most of us today was viewed differently in ancient Greece and Rome. I will discuss its beginnings and how it carried over centuries later into works by great artists.

The Laurel in Art star
The laurel is an aromatic tree or shrub native to the Mediterranean region. As a verb, it is to 'bestow an award or praise on someone in recognition of an achievement'. I will discuss how it relates to art.

Venus in Art star
The Roman goddess Venus is the counterpart to Greece's Aphrodite. From marble statues to figurines, her persona was revered and interpreted by many cultures. I will discuss.

Vincent Van Gogh's Love of the Color Yellow star
Van Gogh was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who was fond of using the color yellow in many of his works. Did he have a vision problem, was it from drinking Absinthe, or was it just a matter of self expression?

What Food Great Artists Loved & Food as Art star
Have you ever wondered what foods the great artists loved best? I’ll discuss some familiar artists and their favorite meals. Also, a self-taught baker from California creates amazing desserts - inspired by works of art.

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